Executive Search is business-critical. It has to be handled in exactly the right way for both parties. At Global Reach we understand this perfectly.

The Executive Search team has many years of proven success in performing highly confidential search assignments, headhunts and selection processes to assist with the acquisition of senior executive talent. We realise that this is a major decision to make and our role is to allow this to happen with the minimum of effort and stress on your part. Using our network, we can effectively find the perfect solution to meet your needs, bringing together the requirements of the company and of the individual to reach a position where there is absolute certainty that the correct appointment is being made.

The recruitment of a senior executive has a bearing on the running of the whole business, so this is not only about finding the right person to fulfil the job specifications. The company's ethos and values should be shared and reinforced by the senior management, the work ethic driven by them and the mood and tone of the office set by them.

The search and appointment process will be agreed upon, managed and executed in precisely the right way by Global Reach to ensure that the company is being represented to the market in a professional manner. Similarly, if you are putting your search for a new executive position in our hands, you can be sure that you will be consulted in advance on every representation that we think should be made on your part. There is no room for error, so we don't make mistakes.

Global Reach Executive Search is exactly what the name suggests.